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Hi. I'm Beki. I like to make things. Lots of things. Sewing is my favorite, followed by knitting. I also like to take pictures, make jewelry, work in my yard, decorate my house, cook good food, drink red wine, and dabble in about a million other activities.

I'm a Momma to three kiddos - girl, boy, girl. They keep my busy. I'm married to a great guy. He teaches, coaches, and stays fairly busy himself. I also work in the IT field as a system admin. Between work, school, and extracurricular activities, I often wonder how we fit it all in.

It's probably a little crazy that I devote any free time I have to sewing/knitting/crafting, but I need it. Being creative keeps me sane. If you ever come to my house, please don't peek behind a closed door...yes, my closets/cabinets/laundry room are a complete mess, but I'd rather spend my time doing something fun.

This blog is my happy place. It's where I share pretty things and talk about the things I've made. My family often gets the spotlight as well because seriously, they're the most precious thing I've ever made.

My life is very full and happy with a good dose of messy, just the way I like it!!